Your guide to the Swedish affiliate networks

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Swedish Affiliate programs

At Swedish affiliate you find useful information about Sweden's largest and best affiliate programs, both for publishers and advertisers.

We have spent countless hours in the search for the programs that deliver the best returns, support and that is reliable. On these web pages we share with you the result..

The affiliate program we have chosen to include are (in no particular order):

- Tradedoubler

- Affiliator


- Commission Junction

- Frossle

- Webgains 

If you already know a bit about affiliate marketing you can see that some of them are also very big on the international market, and perhaps it is precisely because of that, they have found their way onto our list. They know what they're doing and have done so for many years.

In our list, we have also chosen to include some smaller affiliate programs that we considered to be good enough and reliable for people who have either Swedish websites or for companies wishing to market themselves in Sweden./p>