Your guide to the Swedish affiliate networks

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Webgains is a major affiliate network with operations in around 13 countries. Overall, they have nearly 1,000 affiliate programs of which some 40 Swedish. Webgains has functions for epi and direct linking. The minimum payout is 200 SEK. The network is free for affiliates.


Based on the information we got from Webgains they have no entry fee but a fixed monthly fee of 1 900 SEK. Moreover, they charge a variable fee of 30% based on what you pay the affiliates; if you give 10 SEK to an affiliate, Webgains will get 3 SEK - total cost is therefore 13 SEK.

Campaign alternative:

You decide what type of campaign you want to work with. If it is to pay affiliates per "sale", "lead" or "click" does not matter, as long as it suits your company the best.

They help you too, and offer advice, to reach a competitive compensation as possible.

Webgains offers a completely transparent system, and you can self-approve the affiliates advertising for you. As an affiliate is approved for your program, you can see the contact information to the affiliate. You also have access to all statistics you could want to see how your advertising is doing.

Support and reporting are included in the monthly fee.