Your guide to the Swedish affiliate networks

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Tradedoubler is one of the most well-known operators in the Swedish and European affiliate market. They have nearly 150 advertisers in their list. Their headquarters is situated in Stockholm.

In essence, they are working with "leads and "sales" ads and have a clear keyword policy.

As an affiliate you can start making money even before you have been approved, it is enough with a welcome mail / phone call from the affiliate manager. Basically, all applicants will be approved as affiliates.

You have access to handy list functions and good statistics. In addition, they have some new features such as adTalk where you can get commission from telephone sales.

Unfortunately, their PPC (pay per click) ads are a bit difficult to navigate.

Tradedoubler is working with:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display- och resultat based online campaignes
  • Keyword handling
  • Technology that manages all of your search marketing activity in different media.

In total, Tradedoubler has about 650 employees in 18 local offices.

The network consists of over 1700 advertisers, and 128 000 active website publishers.


Campaigns - where you pay per click for a fixed period of time:
Exposure occurs in their banner network and / or wide portals and larger ad space. The cost per click is 6 SEK and CPM 6 SEK (cost for 1,000 ad impressions).
If you want to control the target, the CPM cost is 8 SEK.

The clickthrough rate includes access to:

  • A dedicated Campaign Manager - TradeDoubler has a campaign unit where a manager takes care of the campaign.
  • Tracking - tracking support the campaign's goal to see where relevant traffic comes from (TradeDoubler underlying technology).
  • Optimization - pages generating relevant traffic (visitors who click on an offer, join the customer club, etc.) or large quantities will receive more exposure during the campaign.
  • Graphical advice - The campaign department has experience of good and less good campaigns and can give advice on the design of banners, messages, etc.
  • Transparent site lists - Tradedoubler delivers a report to see which ad formats work the best.
  • Reporting - You will be continuously updated on the outcomeof the campaign.

Affiliate program - where you essentially pay per completed sale:
However, it requires an initial investment before it reaches a point where the program generates good sale levels continuously.
The fixed costs are a start-up fee of SEK 20 000 for setting up the program and promoting a business in the network of affiliated sites. Thereafter, an additional ongoing monthly fee of SEK 5 000.
On completion of the sale they put 30% in commission.
But as said, of course the goal is to reach a level where you earn money on a regular base and the fixed cost will be spread across large volumes - that is the case with the customers now running the affiliate program.

The network consists of tens of thousands of websites. For larger customers, Tradedoubler also offers consulting services, where they actively work with the program to recruit partners, optimize replacement levels, etc.