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A Swedish affiliate network with a good list of "click", "sales", "impression" and "leads", mostly Swedish advertisers, but also a few from other countries. Affiliator has about 140 different advertisers on the Swedish market.

A fairly smooth navigation and they list keyword policy. In addition, theyhave functions for epi and direct linking, but no function to get statistics for anindividual web page. The minimum amount payable is 300 SEK.

Unfortunately they have a churlish solicitation system.

Affiliator is owned by the listed Getupdated Internet Marketing AB, which offers cost efficient solutions in the areas:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet advertising
  • Web design
  • E-Commerce
  • CMS Solutions
  • Systems Development
  • Intranet 

As an advertiser, you can choose to pay per click, per lead or per sale. Per click means paying for each visitor a website owner sends to your website. A lead means that you pay for a predetermined activity (eg access to a newsletter / member club or order a free catalog or quote). To pay per sale means that the advertiser pays when a visitor clicks through to your site from the site owner's home and then carry out a purchase. You can choose to pay both a fixed amount per order or a percentage of order value. Billing occurs monthly in arrears in line with the results. You decide how much you want to replace all of the publishers. Affiliates can help with this and make sure you have a good %-rate, etc.

Through your customer account you get access to the following:

  • Overall statistics on your campaign (number of ad impressions, click, lead generation, sales)
  • Full overview of the website owners advertising you
  • Ability to approve and deny site owners access to the campaign
  • Ability to send newsletters to the website owners marketing you

Membership / Entry Fee: 24 000 SEK (one time fee)

  • Set up your campaign in the system
  • Installation of trackerkod and posting of campaign materials.
  • Publicity for the campaign against the website owners by telephone and mail
  • Advice in optimizing the campaign and advertising material

Support, Reporting: 25 000 SEK (15 000 SEK in year 2) can be split in 4083 SEK / month

  • Continuous reporting of affiliate visits and purchases
  • Payment to affiliates that deliver new customers / members.
  • Support through personal contacts. 

Current costs: Transaction costs 25% of commission
Example: The fee SEK 100 per order = SEK125 total cost for the order.

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