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Frossle is a new Swedish affiliate network with affiliate program for the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish markets. They have around 50 programs, many of which are unique to Frossle. The minimum payout is 300 SEK. Frossle lacks functions for EPI and direct linking. New affliates get 50 SEK free.


Frossle neither has a starting fee nor a monthly fee, but they are taking a transaction fee of 30% of the compensation to the affiliates, ie. if you choose to give 10% and get an order for 100 SEK the compensation to an affiliate will be 10 SEK and 3 SEK to Frossle, ie a total of 13 SEK.

Campaign alternative:

You can choose between clicks, leads and sales campaigns at Frossle. It is somewhat unclear whether one can choose how much compensation to pay the affiliates promoting one's product, but if you have an affiliate who is doing well, at least you have the ability to raise his / her compensation.

It also has the option of refusing leads / sales in their system if a customer would regret their purchase or if it is incorrectly recorded lead.

As an advertiser, you get access to:

  • Full statistics
  • Number of ad impressions, clicks, lead / sale
  • Which affiliate that delivers best
  • Free support via email or telephone and you get a contact person to contactif you have questions or concerns.

You can also decide whether to accept affiliate applications manually or automatically.

If you are interested in advertising with Frossle, you must send a letter of interest and they will get back to you with a contract.

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